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Another Banksy Removed From Bristol

August 18, 2009

An original Banksy has been scrubbed off a wall in Bristol, just 200 metres from his exhibition at the city museum and art gallery.

It is thought the stencil saying ‘Playing It Safe Causes a Lot of Damage In The Long Run’ was sprayed in 1998.

It was on the side of the Clifton Heights building on Pro-Cathedral Lane, and was signed with Banksy’s trademark stencil signature.

Banksy Stencil on Pro-Cathedral Lane (from bristolgraffiti)

Banksy Stencil on Pro-Cathedral Lane (from bristolgraffiti)

But this week the building’s managers had the stencil scrubbed off, saying they did not know it was a Banksy.

A spokeswoman for Clifton Heights’ management company Petit Papillon told #SITE_NAME#: “We didn’t know it was a Banksy and we’re not sure what we would have done if we had known.

“But it’s gone now and what’s done is done. As far as we’re concerned, we had some graffiti on the building, it was removed and there’s nothing more to say.”

Bristol City Council confirmed they had nothing to do with the removal of stencil and that it was on private property, with the removal arranged privately.

It is estimated there are only 11 original Banksys left in Bristol. His exhibition, Banksy versus Bristol Museum at the City Museum & Art Gallery runs until the end of August.

Above and Below: the Banksy stencil on Pro-Cathedral Lane before and after. Banksy signature is top right. Pictures from the Bristol Graffiti blog.

Banksy stencil after (from Bristolgraffiti)

Banksy stencil after (from Bristolgraffiti)