Simon Cook On Stadium Decision

November 3, 2009

Interesting – going back through my old audio, preparing a piece for tomorrow, and I found this from Simon Cook, speaking in July.

No doubt about his personal view, though he does go on to say the planning committee, (five out of nine of whom are Lib Dems) will make their decision completely independently, and solely on planning grounds.

Also, a senior Lib Dem told me today there were concerns whether the four rookie councillors would cope with what’s expected to be a very volatile atmosphere at the council house.



  1. Cook is the Deputy Leader of the Lib Dems and is speaking in that role and he clearly uses the collective pronoun ‘we’.

    I think it’s fair to assume he’s referring to the Lib Dems then.

    He’s basically commented on behalf of his whole party – including the 4 on the committee tomorrow – in favour of the stadium planning application.

    So much for the claims from various Lib Dem Executive Members that they couldn’t and wouldn’t comment on the application as it was “a quasi-judicial process”.

    As for the Lib Dems finally waking up to the fact that they’ve got 4 rookie councillors hearing one of the most complex and controversial planning applications in a generation, this is ridiculous.

    They would (or should) have known this application was in the pipeline when they nominated their committee members.

    Why on earth did they nominate 4 rookies? Surely the city deserves better?

    Either they didn’t realise the committee was going to be hearing this application, or they knew and all their experienced councillors declined to get involved.

    Stupidity or cowardice? Neither are attractive traits in leadership are they?

  2. Are you seriously suggesting the members of the planning committee should be chosen according to the items that might be placed in front of them during the year? That’s just about the most corrupt thing that could happen in planning committees!

    Arguably rookies are better at being impartial in planning cases, as they are less corrupted by years of officers grinding them down with planning law and threats about appeals.

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