Tony Robinson on World Cup Bid

September 8, 2009

Interesting that the Bristol Evening Post now has Tony Robinson supporting the World Cup bid. When we interviewed him a month or so ago, he would not be drawn on the Tesco plans.

Bristol City’s Chief Executive Colin Sexstone has said the world cup bid relies on the new stadium. The new stadium relies on the Tesco bid getting planning permission.

So logically, anyone who supports the World Cup bid must also support the Tesco bid.

I’d like to see the full text of the interview with Tony, to see whether he’s really changed his mind or whether his support for the World Cup bid is still qualified in the way it was a month ago.

Edit: I’ve just discovered the audio from our interview with Tony in July. Take a listen and you’ll see his view is a lot more nuanced than the literally flag-waving piece in today’s BEP. To summarise, he wants to see the new stadium built, is undecided about the Tesco plan, and is as enthusiastic about Bristol City as ever. Interestingly, he slightly avoids the direct World Cup question.



  1. Classic Fence sitting

    He should take up politics.

  2. Colin Sexstone did not say that Tesco was essential to the World Cup bid – he said it is essential for the new stadium. While the new stadium is clearly critical for the World Cup bid he’s trying to keep the two apart. You see what will happen two weeks down the line is that Berate will say “see, the football club is linking Tesco and the World Cup bid” – but it’s only Berate (and you) doing that.

    As for Tony Robinson – well actually he can back the World Cup bid and not Tesco. He may not have an opinion on Tesco but if it is built and the new stadium is built then he would support Bristol for the World Cup bid.

    I can see both sides to the Tesco argument to be honest but the putting words into people’s mouth, dodgy linking and very very wrong stats are all coming from the Berate side. Perhaps it’s due to the volunteer nature of the Berate group but the facts and figures they’ve reported as fact are wildly wrong on a number of things.

  3. You’re right to say that Colin Sexstone has avoided directly linking the Tesco to the World Cup bid in interviews.

    However, he has said the Tesco is crucial to City’s new stadium, and that no Tesco effectively means no new stadium.

    No-one has yet explained how we could host the World Cup without a new stadium.

    Hence the widespread perception among pro-Tesco and anti-Tesco people that no Tesco = no Stadium = no World Cup.

    I would be interested to hear exactly how you think we could host a world cup without a new stadium.

  4. You will also be interested in this interview with Steven Wray, the council officer in charge of putting Bristol’s bid together. Admittedly, he doesn’t specifically say “No Tesco = No World Cup” but it’s pretty close.

    [audio https://jonesthenews.wordpress.com/files/2009/09/steven_wray.mp3%5D

  5. Jones,

    I’m just saying you can’t accuse the football club of linking the two because they aren’t.

    I know I’m being fussy on wording.


  6. As a matter of interest what is your position on Tesco, new stadium and the World Cup?

    Same to Charlie.

  7. […] The News Just another WordPress.com weblog « Tony Robinson on World Cup Bid Sexstone: No Tesco = No World Cup September 10, 2009 Colin Sexstone told me today […]

  8. I am a professional journalist and would not discuss my personal opinion on any story I cover, including who I vote for.

    Firstly, it could compromise my standing with people on both sides of the argument and secondly, may lead to people reading my pieces differently.

    I will say that a journalist’s job is to point out where people in power are being dishonest or unclear about what their positions are.

    Charlie Bolton’s position is pretty clear I think. He’s an elected Green Party politician and in common with most greens, he explicitly opposes the Tesco plan. (Charlie will correct me if I’m wrong, I’m sure.)

    Sarah, with regard to your earlier comments about the Tesco not being linked to the world cup bid, you should see this post.

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