Avonmouth roads “couldn’t cope” with new waste plant

June 22, 2009

An Avonmouth councillor claims the road system couldn’t cope if a new £40-million waste treatment and recycling plant is built in the area.

Conservative Spud Murphy has hit out at plans by New Earth Solutions to build the plant, claiming they are a “non-starter”.

New Earth has been given a multi-million pound contract by the four former Avon councils to process their wheelie bin waste.



Presently, everything in black bags gets sent to rot in landfill sites. This releases methane – a greenhouse gas 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

Instead, New Earth proposes to recycle and compost up to 80% of the area’s black bin waste by mechanically sifting it at a new plant, and then recycling recovered material as appropriate.

That could save the local councils and council tax payers as much as £44m, because they have to pay fines to the European Union for every tonne of waste that is landfilled.

Planning permission has not yet been granted for the facility, but it seems likely to meet strong local objection.

Avonmouth councillor Spud Murphy said: “Avonmouth does not have good road links. It can’t cope with the normal traffic, even before the recession. There are queues miles long.

“The recession means there are no containers coming in and out at the moment, but when it does pick up they just won’t be able to cope.”

He also expressed concern about possible pollution. He said: “These things start off nice, clean and tidy, but then you get rubbish blowing all over the place like any other waste depot. You’re also bound to get some pollution so I don’t think this one is a goer.”

But Peter Mills from New Earth claimed to #SITE_NAME# the site is appropriate. He said: We’ve chosen a location which is well fed from the motorway. And, as you know, Avonmouth is designated for industrial use.

“We are also located very close to Bristol City Council’s Avonmouth depot so a lot of the vehicles bringing waste to our facility will have been those returning to the depot anyway.

“We are hoping to build this depot with a marginal increase in traffic movements. Those movements will be controlled and they will only be using the industrial routes into the facuility and will not need to travel through housing areas.”

Audio: Martin Jones interviews Peter Mills of New Earth Solutions


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