Bedminster groups “alarmed” and “disappointed” by Tesco plans

May 28, 2009

Community groups in Bedminster say they’re “disappointed” and “alarmed” by Bristol City’s plans to sell its Ashton Gate stadium to Tesco.

The club could raise as much as £20m towards its new Ashton Vale stadium by selling the ground to the supermarket giant for redevelopment.

Tesco claims the plan could generate as many as 1000 jobs in the area, and it could also enable Bristol to host football World Cup games. Yet there is expected to be strong local opposition to the plans.

Ben Barker from the Greater Bedminster Community Partnership told Original he was “alarmed” by the proposal.

He said: “One of the things about the Bedminster area is that it has a lot of character. There are a lot of small shops.

“They’re likely to be driven out of business by a big thing like Tesco: it’s happened elsewhere. Then our area will look like every other area of the country.

“It will have the same shops, the same dominant food outlets and it will lose all character and interest. That’s not good for the community.”

He also says Tesco’s claim of creating 1000 jobs should be offset against the number of local jobs destroyed by the plans.

One trader on North Street, who didn’t wish to be named, told Original he was “deeply disappointed” by the plans but it was something they “would have to work with”.

The club is expected to put its planning application to Bristol City Council within the next few months.



  1. I would really like to know if Community groups are going to start a campaign against this locally….if there people with experience to do this? There is a great website called Tescopoly about how to get local campaigns going…there is some opinion that this is nimbyism but it’s really a much bigger community issue and there has to be constructive opposition to convince BCFC of a different way to raise funds etc. If the local community can be got onside to let BCFC know they are offside it would be great….are our local councillors behind the community on this? will they really flex their muscles and what about Dawn Primarolo?
    Would love some feedback.
    I am a long-term local resident of Southville and know many people with concerns about this.

    Anne M.

    • There is no organised opposition specifically to the Tesco proposal that I have heard of. However I know Ron Morton from Save The Shortwood Green Belt (see Save Our Green Spaces http://www.saveourgreenspaces.org/ ) have been doing some stuff on it. Southville councillor Charlie Bolton (http://charlie-boltons-southville-blog.blogspot.com/) is also against the proposal and has been door-knocking to canvass opinion. It’s my guess that opposition will get going once the planning application is submitted by the club.

    Bedminster Residents Against Tesco’s expansion into Ashton Gate.

    A meeting has been organised at the Southville Centre on Friday 3rd July at 7.30 to gather views and get a campaign started. Bring a couple of £s to help pay for the room hire. Website to be set up soon (hopefully).

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