Bristol buses – quality reporting?

April 30, 2009

I was quite surprised by the way the local media did (or didn’t) report a very significant change to the way Bristol’s buses operate.

I reported for Original on the fact that by introducing what’s known as a ‘Quality Contract’ between itself and First, the city council could start to gain control over the city’s bus operator.

This would be a small step towards the kind of bus service many Bristolians would like to see in Bristol, but I believe it would be highly significant and deeply symbolic of the city’s direction of travel (if you’ll pardon the pun).

So I was quite surprised by the fact that both the BBC and the Evening Post (often perceived to be anti-First) didn’t really mention this significant development in their reports.

Both focussed on the fact Bristol could get a ‘Brunel Card’, a kind of Oyster card allowing travel on different types of transport around Bristol. This is certainly newsworthy, but I was surprised that both saw it as the main point of their story.


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