Skis, Snowboards and Sleds on Brandon Hill

February 5, 2009

Hundreds of Bristolians have taken advantage of the heavy snow in Bristol to practice their skiing and snowboarding on two of the city’s steepest pistes – Brandon Hill and Ashton Court

On Brandon Hill, people were using everything from professional ski and snowboard gear to tea trays and inflatable dinghys to hurtle down the slopes.

One snowboarder told us: “Loads of people have come up with their snowboards, building ramps and jumping off. I took the day off work and told my boss I was snowed in. I hope they’re not listening to Original!”

Another, who was using an inflatable dinghy to get down the hill, said: “It says “not for swimming pool use” but I thought I’d do it anyway. It’s fairly safe. I didn’t get all the way to the bottom though, I crashed into a tree!”

There was some debate over whether Ashton Court or Brandon Hill was a better skiing and snowboarding location. One skier told us, “Brandon Hill is better for us because it’s closer, but Ashton Court is bigger.” Others were going to both places.

Paramedics though have warned of the possible dangers of skiing and snowboarding. A fifteen year old girl crashed into a tree in Wickwar, South Gloucestershire and had to be taken to Frenchay hospital with an ankle injury.

Paramedic Pete Sadler, who treated her, said “Although I would urge the public to keep enjoying themselves please be mindful of the location you choose to sledge, be careful around trees and fences and when near roads. Dress warmly and keep safe.”

Below: Fun on Brandon Hill

Fun on Brandon Hill


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