Aussie visitor shocked by rude Bristol bus driver

February 4, 2009

An Australian visitor to Bristol says she’s “shocked” at the rudeness of the city’s bus drivers after a First driver refused to help her find her stop.

Amy Wilshire had only been in the UK two days when she tried to get a bus from Brentry Hill to the Centre on Monday.

She told us: “I was trying to get to the centre, to St Augustine’s. But having been in the city only two days I had no idea where I was going.

“I asked the driver once I had bought my ticket if he could tell me where the stop was. But he simply laughed at me and said no. I thought he was joking at first but it turned out he was serious.”

Amy was helped by a female passenger who took pity on her and showed her where to get off the bus. But she says it was not the kind of welcome she was expecting.

Amy said: “I was really taken aback. I was very shocked that someone wouldn’t take five seconds to help someone else out who was new to the country.”

First told us that drivers were not required to help able-bodied passengers find stops. But a spokeswoman said: “We’d hope that staff would do what they could to be helpful to passengers where they can.”

She added: “”We were sorry to hear this visitor to Bristol was disappointed by the service she received. If she would like to contact us directly with further details we would be happy to look into it.”

Below: Martin Jones’ report on the story


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